Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Waiting For The Future

     Here's documentary photography, i like this stuff, you see the relationships between people, how they interact and react among each other, or how they all strike a similar pose, like the four people on the left, all sitting and looking at something off camera, and the three women on the right have different poses, the woman in the green dress seems to control the weight of centre spot in the picture, looking nowhere inparticular, bookended by two similar women in more mirthful spirits, what makes the picture in my mind, are three elements, one, the sincere expressions and poses of the sitters, it's as if the photographer has disappeared, free to shoot people completely candidly, two, the interesting backdrop, wall and steps, worn and cracked and broken, loads of interesting shapes and colours, and three, the panorama of the picture, a letterbox scene that is wide enough to show two separate groups of people, and their relationship to each other, a really powerful piece of photojournalism.

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