Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Girl In The Kitchen

     Well here's a Black & White picture!, this is the sort of stuff i grew up with, messing around in the darkroom, now it's all digital and the internet, this is a great shot because it uses empty space in the composition, the 'subject' is in the top left hand corner, or maybe not, a human being is there, which at first seems more important than the kitchen, but maybe she's just background, maybe it's of nothing in particular, my eye focuses on the rack of shiny utensils, and the slightly open door, it's almost if the picture is trying to make a statement, the black and white medium gives the picture a bleak loneliness.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Ripples In The Sand

     Here's a fairly bleak shot, a beach bereft of sunbathers, a sea without any swimmers, nature at its finest, creating its own patterns and fun in the surf, notice the ridges of sand like long pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, as the water returns to the sea, each is a separate river, and the light creating a nice three dimensional feel to those tiny mountains and valleys, i like the way the clouds mimic what's happening on the beach, wispy patterns, and the two different but equally beautiful blues, the warmer greeny sea blue, and the colder purple sky blue, a lovely peaceful feeling, really therapeutic, i could sit there and watch it for ages.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Apartment Complex

     I like shapes and patterns, this one looks great, certain homes are lit up at random, others dark, different colours and interests, but it's those lines and boxes, that uniformity, but between the second and third line, there's a nice piece of background, it gives the whole thing some depth, i can look at this for ages, there's lots of individual interest.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Street Corner - Wide Angle

     Here's a nice shot of the corner of a building, down a nice quiet avenue, what makes the shot is the wide angle view, creating bowed lines in the straight lined building, plus it gives an effect of the tree towering above us, quite ominous in a way, i feel it creates some real power and weight, the trees on the far right feel as they're ready to fall over, i like wide angled shots, it changes from human angled view, to something different, but no less a true perspective, just something new and refreshing.

Friday, 15 October 2010

A Cat & Two Piglets

     A nice cute picture, and yet much more, this is a well composed shot, taken off the cuff as these animals don't stay still long, the cat is in a motherly pose, looking straight at the camera, tail high in the air, the piglets are more interested in each other, and it's them which make the picture unusual, they're not pets, and they're not indoor animals, the wood floor is has a good deal of interest in it, and it's good to see things from a cats eye level of things, rather than looking down on these three creatures from a human viewpoint.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Jacuzzi Underwater

     Here's an unusual shot, a picture of a jacuzzi with the camera under the water, the water is so clear that it doesn't appear that they are under the water, but of course that which is out of the water takes on some weird shapes, especially the pointed bikini top, and the bent left hand, and the cut off right fingers, and don't forget the Marge Simpson hairdo!, haha, it's good to see things through a different perspective.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Cats Whiskers

     What makes this shot really good, is the fact it's a full face shot, there's no background in the corners, it really makes a difference, the detail is very good, and the fur markings are so interesting, in some ways it's good that the cat is slanted, on a level would have made it too symmetrical, and it's good to have highlights in the eyes.