Thursday, 30 September 2010

Old Door

     Here's another door photograph, straight after the last one, usually i try to post a good variety of pictures, yet i couldn't resist this very clever shot, a lovely detailed pic of an old door, cleverly either left open so you can have a glimpse inside, or propped up in some shed or another, a nice diffused light shining from the right, and the paint peeling very well caught, giving some amazing textures, also the upper keyhole has some rust coming through, i like the foreground wood [another door?], all in all a very well composed shot.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Red Door

     Here's a lovely symmetrical door, with iron hinges, looks like with many coats of paint, nice downward angled lines, and the red is not bright 'fire engine' red, but towards a shade of dark pink, there's darker shadows towards the bottom left, and some nice glossy textures middle right, and upper left, it would have looked even better if it had sunshine angled across it, creating some lovely textured shadows, but a great pic all the same.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Windows / Reflection

     Here's a nice shot of a building, by shooting a shot of a different building!, the actual building being shot, is horizontally straight, and in the middle vertically straight up, but fans out as the upper floors reveal an increasing number of windows, you can see the overhead lights inside some of the floors, the reflected building opposite also has vertical lines parallel to first building, but the horizontal lines are at a nice angle, creating some lovely shapes, the sky / clouds are also seen between the two reflected buildings, a really nice photo with lots of interest for the eye to move around.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Silhouette / Hands

Here's another clever and inventive shot, a silhouette against some window panes, five children looking into what seems to be a classroom or something, with the lights turned out, not exactly a complete black silhouette, as you can still slightly see some features, but the special wire glass, and the almost non see through of the frosted glass makes ghostly figures, deep down it's the hands which make an impression, which are dark and clearer as they are pressed up against the glass, the whole picture is shrouded in a hazy blue colour, a very effective and interesting photo.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Cyclists / Blur

     Here's a really good action shot, you can feel the movement as these cyclists pass the photographer in the road, especially the far left and far right of the picture, it gets more blurry as you get nearer the camera, only the fourth cyclist is caught fairly frozen, there's a great sense of monotone grey, except the colourful jerseys of the cyclists, and some nice shadows in the middle, you can feel the depth of the road, and the speed of the cycles, notice the 'bent' spokes on the wheels,a really powerful shot.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Candy Jars

     Now this takes me back to my childhood!, all those jars of sweets, and all those mesmerising colours, i like uniformity, i like patterns, and certainly colours too, and this shot has all of that, and yet they're not rows of clones, each is an individual, distinct and unique from the others, whether in colour, or texture, or shape, rather like people really, if you take the time to look on the inside.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Puffin / Take Off

     This is a really great shot, there's a lovely sharpness about the whole thing, plus a great relationship between the bird, and the rock it has to live on for survival, the bird has some wonderful bright reds in it, plus some nice shadows which highlight the sunshine, the rock isn't a plain lump, but full of interesting crevices, and lichen which gives colour, the well out of focus background beach? and sea are strong, giving the bird / rock greater focus and perspective, ultimately it's the 'take off' that is interesting, a bird spreading it's wings and jumping into the void. 

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Dogs Legs

     Here's a clever pic, a dog under the table, with three ladies sitting at the table, but you can't see their faces, the dogs ears are covered over, as if the women don't want the dog hearing their conversation, and because we can't see their facial expressions, which can reveal a lot, the we can't 'hear' their talk either, a nice interplay between the girls footwear, and the dogs 'footwear', i like the highlights on the metal, and the glasses too, it's bereft of colour except for the gold of the dog, and the red / pink of the dress, the floor is interesting too, lots of scratches, but you can still see very interesting grain and pattern, your eyes are drawn to the dogs eyes.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Blinds / Sunlight

     Here's somewhat of an almost monochrome shot, blinds made out of sticks!, tied together with metal fasteners, an all brown and dark photo, except of course by the starburst through the blinds, which creates rainbow colours, the sticks aren't particularly sharp in focus, but they're at a pleasing angle, and even though they're all similar, they're also unique and different, which creates interesting gaps, it wouldn't look anywhere near as good if it was merely a silouette, it's one of those shots that isn't teeming with lots of different things, just one element playing against another, light and dark?.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Golden Silhouette

     Now here's a really classy shot, i didn't realise how good this really was until i had another look today, it has truly stunning light in it, of course there's some fairly strong filter involved here, but it's a great effect, it looks as though an extra filter was involved in a big portion of the top right hand corner, and a little bit of the top left, makes the clouds there look dark and angry [the reason for the umbrella?], the sunlight is powerful, and gives a nice idea of fanned rays shinning down, the trees on the horizon give the picture a nice sense of scale, it looks hot!, only the bottom foreground is not greatly interesting, but it does frame the picture at the bottom.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Dappling Sunlight

     Here's more of an abstract photo, and yet teeming with interest, it may at first seem a monochrome of blue and white, yet in reality it's a kaleidoscope of colours!, and shapes too, what gives it it's distinctiveness is the glaring sunlight top right, there's slight sunbursts in the lower sunlights, giving it an incandescence which is nicely overwhelming, the lines get more wavy and larger at the bottom, it's almost like you want to splash into them, and more darker / coloured at the top, it's like looking at clouds, you invent things up in them, the photo seems really 'wet'.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Kitten Fight!

     Here's my very first picture!, of course not taken by me, i got this off of the Internet, the way i will get all of my pictures, i chose this as my first picture as it's an all round shot that works on a lot of different levels, it's certainly not your average 'cute kittens looking out of a basket' shot, nor 'lions making a kill in the wild' either.

I like this shot because it's a great action pic, the kitten on the right is blurred enough yet frozen in action enough to work, having just jumped off another tree stump that you can just see on the right, it's also a lovely pose by the kitten on the left, with nice 'tiger' markings, and claws ready for battle, the tree stump is interesting with lots of detail, and the out of focus green background makes the kittens stand out, a superb photograph.